An Opportunity Missed

Speaking of good fishing, I was fortunate enough to have some customers from Wyoming that managed to catch a huge sheephead the last week in October. The Cajun permit truly is the fish of a thousand casts. Normally very skittish and hard to approach, this fish charged the fly from about six feet away in absolutely gin clear water. Making one of the most epic saltwater eats, ever! I have to give some credit to Umpqua Feather Merchants, this monster ate a tan redfish kwan. The kwan has been a staple in the box for a while now and is a go to in clear shallow water.  Not realizing we had a potential state record fish, I snapped a few pictures and released her to fight another day. Little did I realize what a great opportunity that slipped away. Hopefully these guys come back next fall and give me a shot at redemption.

It’s really hard to describe the weather this fall. Very warm dry conditions have the redfish acting like it is still late summer instead of fall. I can’t recall a November where the bull redfish and jack crevalle are still schooled up chasing pogy most days. These activities are typically over by mid-October, but the absence of any significant cool weather has the fishery really turned upside down. The good news is the fishing is really consistent; it’s just a little different pattern. There is just a ton of fish in the 10-15 pound range, and they have been hungry. I can’t wait to see what late fall and early winter have in store. There is still a ton of baitfish, shrimp, and crabs in the area, which is great for the overall health of the redfish. I am convinced that it’s a result of the large freshwater inflows we had to endure last January from flooding on the Mississippi River. Freshwater is what made this fishery great and is the lifeblood of the marsh in the Mississippi delta.

Great equipment is super important when you travel halfway across the country to do battle with these giant redfish. I purchased a new set of Orvis Recon 9wt fly rods a few months ago. The Recon has proven itself day in and day out over the last 90 days. The slightly more moderate action really lends itself to a good short game. Quick short shots are rewarded with lots of hard runs and singing drags in the marsh. You can be confident that I have the best equipment on the boat for you to use or as a backup for what you bring.

 I also repowered with a new Yamaha 70 four stroke a few months back. This has to be one of the best investments I’ve made. Tons of power and amazing fuel economy combine to make this motor a pleasure on the long runs to and from the grounds. The fuel economy is really good and has cut my fuel consumption by about 20%. Compared to the old 2 stroke technology the F70 is amazingly quiet, barely audible at idle. I've also picked up about 2 knots at cruise speed which is awesome. This motor should be on the short list for power on a new skiff and for repowering older hulls.

 Booking for November and December are mostly done with just a few select dates available. Let me tell you that January and February can be absolutely incredible fishing and it’s almost exclusively big bull redfish and cajun permit. There aren’t many slot redfish around that time of year and you can bet your shots will be at “Big’s”! Sure the weather could be a factor, but I guarantee the fishing will be great as long as we can get on the water. Give me a call, let’s talk fishing and figure out some dates when you can get down here and chase the redfish of a lifetime. - JLW