New Year - Big Fish!

Ringing in the New Year here in New Orleans, I’ve taken some time over the past few days to reflect back on the challenges and opportunities of the previous year. The fly fishing in 2015 was really rewarding at times with a few challenges thrown in to test your resolve. The larger than normal El Nino factor has thrown a curveball in our fall fly fishing this year. There has been a significant amount of high water and a steady east wind for most of the last 3 months. But, we are still finding good numbers of really big bull redfish to cast at on a daily basis.

One of the most memorable trips of the fall was in early November with the arrival of the remnants from hurricane Patricia. My guest for the day was from North Carolina where they had endured torrential flooding just a few weeks before. We made the trip out to the marina covering about five miles with water up to a foot deep over the road and wind forecasted to decrease to around 15kts in the afternoon.  My confidence was not that high leaving the dock that morning, but someone was looking out for us that day. We ended up catching a first and personal best redfish that day in some really adverse conditions.  It was a trip that won’t soon be forgotten.  In South Louisiana the weather always factors in the fishing but it’s rarely prohibitive. Don’t sweat the conditions and trust your guide. We’ll put you on the fish.

Looking forward to the upcoming year I have a fairly busy January on the books.  If the good lords willing and the creek don’t rise I’ll get a few days in this month.  Some of the best sight fishing is yet to come in the next 90 days. When the cold fronts blow through the sun will shine.  A day or two of sunshine and warming temperatures really put the redfish on the move. My absolute favorite days are when the bull reds float. As the upper column of the water warms from bright sunshine the redfish will rise up within inches of the surface. When the conditions are right, the flats come alive with giant floating orange pumpkins. And the sight fishing is well, nothing short of epic.

One more thing, I’ve had some reports of incredibly cheap airfare into New Orleans. Fares have running under $200 at times from cities like Atlanta and Dallas. There’s still time to get in a little fly fishing for some giant bull redfish before winter is over. Give me a call and I’ll be happy to help you out with the logistics of your trip. Happy New Year - JLW