The end is not in Sight

Packing up Redfish camp a little early this year, and the finish is bittersweet. Yesterday, after 5 of the coldest days we’ve seen in years the fishery went absolutely insane. After searching high and low we managed to locate a patch of water with temperatures holding around 48 degrees. Average bay temperature had been in the upper 30’s to low 40’s everywhere you went. You can imagine the fish were stacked in this warm, shallow, gin clear water. For the better part of 3 hours, the shots were unlimited. The memories of those fish eating everything in sight will haunt your dreams. This is the scenario that Louisiana redfish are world famous for, and why anglers come the world over. Two of my best days this year came when everyone else was at camp because the weather was “too bad to fish.” If you come to Louisiana to fish, that’s what we’ll do.  You just never know, but redfish aren’t caught at the dock.

The East Cape Vantage and Mercury 4S outboard has proven capable of getting us to the grounds fast, comfortable, and dry. If you’re coming down this year, I highly recommend Simms or Sitka raingear, regardless of the forecast. I wear Simms Challenger bibs every day from mid-November through spring. This piece of equipment has saved the day more than once even during the summer. Raingear is one piece of equipment I won’t leave the dock without. Good equipment will keep you warm and dry; this will keep you in the game and off the dock.

As the end of the season draws to a close, I’m looking forward to one of the best events of the year. The “Sheepy” fly fishing tournament will be held on February 23rd and 24th in Hopedale. Chasing the Cajun permit with fly rods is a borderline ridiculous endeavor. At the 2017 Sheepy, eleven of the best guides and anglers on the gulf coast managed just four fish in two days of hard fishing. Henceforth the moniker, “Cajun Permit.”  Like last year, the tournament will be run out of the Dogwood Lodge. These accommodations are second to none in Hopedale. The Dogwood is a converted USCG buoy tender, with a unique history. If you’re planning on fishing with me this fall, I highly recommend these accommodations. Best of all, is the dockside pickup and drop off at the lodge. Smiley is not a bad cook either. Here’s a link to check out for more information  For more information or to follow the action check out @thesheepy on IG.

This was one of the busiest and most memorable seasons I’ve had in Louisiana. From incredible schooling action early, to gin clear water and monster redfish crawling around ultra-skinny water late in the fall. I’m thankful for the opportunity to host what has grown to be a diverse and awesome group of anglers from all over the country. Thank you for the opportunity to “guide” you to new adventures, great memories, and incredible photographs. I hope to see You in New Orleans this fall, for what promises to be an awesome adventure in an incredible place.