The Fall and Early Winter of 2018

The fall and early winter of 2018 / 2019 has reaffirmed my belief that South Louisiana is the finest red fishery available, and one of the best sight fishing destinations in the country, if not the world. Overall, catch numbers were down for the season and some days we had to go to the spinning rod to get bent. However, given the weather conditions we faced day in and day out there was a lot of fish in the estuary and a bunch of them got a sore lip this fall. The best part is they are all still swimming. The weather was an absolute killer. I rarely cancel days to weather, because you can’t catch them on the dock. Many anglers are surprised at what we can accomplish with a lack of sunshine. So don’t let the weather discourage your efforts. I’ll assure you that a day on the water is good for your soul, and infinitely less stressful that answering your cell phone. Last year I didn’t cancel a day to weather, but that was not the case this year. It is like a big pendulum and it definitely swings both ways. However, I prefer it most when it is in the middle. I sincerely apologize if we lost one of your days to weather this fall.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve added a new skiff to the fleet this week. I acquired a 17.8’ Waterman with a Yamaha F70. This skiff will allow us to fish ultra-skinny water on those days that the wind necessitates we spend the day in the inside marshes. It has the draft characteristics and ease of handling that I need when the wind cranks and the outside water is muddy. I intend to keep the Vantage as the big water capabilities and speed are simply unmatched on those days that allow us to go outside and to the Chandeleur Islands. Having two, boats will keep us in the game hunting big fish every day. If you have ever wondered what either boats is like to fish out of just let me know and I can arrange an outing for you.

Looking to the end of January and through February, I’m excited about the prospects the fishery has to offer. We have struggled through persistently high and muddy water from area rivers the past few weeks and I think we have just about worked through all the water coming down the watershed. As of this writing, the Pearl River is scheduled to let out by this Friday. That should usher in gin clear water and excellent sight fishing opportunities. This late in the season, there are not many small fish around. Winter is the season of big rods, big flies, and giant redfish 8wt’s need not apply. If you have never experienced this fishery in the wintertime I highly encourage you to book you trip today. There is no other time of the year that will give you this many opportunities at big fish than right now.